Alexis is a lovely girl! She has been our patient since she was in elementary school.

She has always had a lovely smile but was always bothered by gaps in her front teeth. In middle school we did some composite bonding to close her spaces and she was so happy to have the spaces closed. The filling served her well for several years.

She is now a self confident, beautiful , young adult in college and doing great academically and socially.

However, she wanted to see if she could get a more permanent option for the diastemas (gaps).

We created a conservative plan that allowed her to meet her goals. We discussed Orthodontics and decided it would not be the best option for her. The shape of her front teeth are too narrow and small for the amount of space in her mouth. Her smile profile was so nice right now and to push those teeth closer together would affect the fullness of her lips as well.

We decided on a plan to use Dental Veneers. She was very excited about this option since it would give her the best aesthetics with minimal tooth structure removal.

The process started with a wax model as a mock up to allow Alexis to approve the shape and size of the teeth. We saw Alexis for the preparation of the teeth and sent her home with some beautiful temporary veneers.



Three weeks later the veneers come from back the lab! This was a very exciting day for Alexis! She loved her new Dental Veneers and smile! She could not stop smiling even though she was a little numb.



One Happy Girl!


Dental Veneers are a fantastic option for many situations. For example, if your original teeth have developed poor color, shape and contours. Or if you have experienced fractured teeth, gaps between teeth or would like to address minor bite correction. Additionally, if superficial teeth stains do not respond well to tooth whitening or bleaching, dental veneers are a very viable option.

If you are curious if Dental Veneers are the right option for you, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a free consultation! We provide our clients with a no pressure assessment of the best options to match your face and smile profile!

We loved helping Alexis and would love to serve you too at Issaquah Valley Dental Care!



Have you considered Dental Veneers?