Digital Dental Impressions

We have a new favorite in our office! It is our newly upgraded 3M  True Definition Digital Scanner!

If anyone of you has been in the dental chair and had impressions taken, we understand how uncomfortable that experience can be. Just keeping your mouth open with saliva pooling while you fight the impulse to gag can seem like an eternity.

We wanted to solve this issue for our valued clients.

The 3M scanner is a fantastic addition to our practice. The new machine has a slim and ergonomic wand which has a camera mounted on it enabling us to take impressions with limited patient discomfort.

We can scan teeth and access  areas in the mouth which were harder to get to and can also maneuver in oral cavities with limited opening.

The new scanner gets consistently accurate impressions compared to traditional impressions, since traditional impressions depends on the skill of the operator and distortions can occur outside the oral cavity.

These problems are issues of the past with our new scanner.

We know there still might be some cases where we may have to go back to tradition impressions, but they should be a small percentage of cases.

Come and check out this cool technology at Issaquah Valley Dental Care !